Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sen Judiciary Comittee to question Gonzales

from Bloomberg:

Jan. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter said his panel will question Attorney General Alberto Gonzales at hearings early next month on President George W. Bush's decision to authorize a secret eavesdropping program on overseas calls and e-mails.

Specter, a Pennsylvania Republican, said he has told Gonzales that senators expect him to testify about the legal rationale used to authorize the spying, as a growing number of lawmakers from both parties express doubts about the president's action.

The Bush administration argues that a congressional resolution passed following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks allowed the president to direct the National Security Agency to listen in without court approval on communications between the U.S. and other countries that involved terrorist suspects.

The hearings will focus on ``whether the resolution authorizing the use of force included the authority to eavesdrop without a warrant,'' Specter, 75, said on the CBS program `Face the Nation.''

Uh, I don't understand why there has to be a Committee questioning the Bush admistration's tactics in a time of war. They should understand that the President has the constitutional authority in a time of war to use the tools necessary in protecting the American people from another terrorist attack.

The libs must be salivating over this.

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