Sunday, January 29, 2006

Saddam trial resumes..

from ABC News

BAGHDAD, Iraq Jan 29, 2006 — The troubled Saddam Hussein trial resumed Sunday with a new judge after a dispute over the court was patched over, though worries persisted over complaints that political interference was threatening the tribunal's independence.

The resumption had been delayed for nearly a week when some judges on the five-member panel opposed the appointment of Raouf Abdel-Rahman as the presiding judge.

and now Saddam and his 'team' walk out of trial in protest..

from Yahoo&Reuters

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Saddam Hussein walked out of court on Sunday to protest the proceedings of his trial shortly after his defense team stormed out, a Reuters witness said.

Chaos erupted in the courtroom after the start of the trial of the former Iraqi leader and seven co-accused resumed with a new chief judge.

Saddam's former intelligence chief and co-accused, Barzan al-Tikriti, was ejected from the courtroom. He was led away by court guards after he refused to keep quiet and called the trial "a daughter of a whore."

Shortly after that Saddam and his defense team walked out to protest the proceedings.

"I want to leave," said Saddam to the judge.

"Then leave," said the judge.

The Iraqi leader responded: "It's a tragedy, I led you for 35 years, how can you lead me out of the court."

Amazing on how he still bitches about how he's treated and that he still thinks he's 'leader' of Iraq. Unbelievable.

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