Monday, January 09, 2006

The "Alioto" Hearings

I knew (Hiccup) Kennedy (D-MA) was going to act a fool yet again and say something completely out there. When will he get that we all know he has no credibility at all as a US Sen?

from michellemalklin

Kennedy says

In an era when America is still too divided by race and riches, Judge "Alioto" has not written one single opinion on the merits in favor of a person of color alleging race discrimination on the job. In fifteen years on the bench, not one.

Alioto huh? lol, love the "America is still too divided by race and riches" bit. Yea, because Kennedy is so poor right?? Please. The man can give two shits about the poor so him mentioning anything about poor AND racism is just plain bullshit.

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