Friday, November 04, 2005

that small state...

err island.

Regarding this PR WOW article:

The theme of the campaign developed for the United States, 'Puerto Rico: Explore Beyond the Shore', aims to position our island as a dynamic destination rich in natural beauty and activities beyond our beautiful beaches for all visitors to enjoy.

Well, looks like PR is back to promoting the island with it's great TV ads like the one's from the 90's, you know "The Shining Star". The beaches, it's culture even the people of the island who are known for being welcoming to anyone, and ofcourse the food. Except this time, the promoting is more complicated due to the fact that the island is basically in a time where there is just too much corruption and confusion from within it's own government. So, again tell me why people are going to go to PR knowing that there is so much violence there??

Because no matter what, they will always have tourism there for the mere fact that it's a US territory, but an island in the Caribbean which = $$$.

Still, though like I said..there's so much going on. With the pathetic crime rate it's basically worse then in most major cities in the actual states. Can't even go out in the day time without someone killing someone for a petty thing like $5.00.
What's worse is the drug situation I mean you have these drug lords staying in the poor areas so they can hide out and not be caught by the government with the corrupted cops who get paid by these druggies to not rat them out. It's just really sad on what's happening over there..and that's why I'm a bit surprised about the new promotions/ads that they are going to run soon.

Then again, for the sake of that island they need all the promotion(money) they can get.

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