Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Can you hear the drums Fernando?

Guess not.

Reading various blogs I came across thepoliticalteen and read a certain post on Fernando Ferrer and his rediculous campaign ad(s). It's just another countless example on how desperate and hateful these Democrats are..I thought the point of these television ads was to get YOUR POINT ACROSS to the people ...correct? Oh no not to them, though it's always "bush lied wah wah wah" or in this case a dumb ad with Bush and Bloomberg.

I'd like to think that most NYers ( and the people actually voting for him) are smart enough to just look at the ad and laugh, but not at the ad itself, but at the stupidity of Ferrer to even let it be displayed. But then again, it's good because it shows the true self of Ferrer.

Maybe Crazy Dean made the ad......

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