Wednesday, November 09, 2005

4 more years!

was there ANY doubt about Bloomberg being re-elected??

Seriously, It wasn't even close between the two as far as Ferrer is concerned. All those rediculous campaign ads and the constant bitching on the Republicans and Bush..wah wah wah. spare me. I don't even live in NY anymore, but I'm glad Bloomberg will still be there for another 4. I mean on a night where Democrats claimed victory (which is laughable) yet at the same time it wasn't great for Republicans either, but i'm not complaining. Although, I am going to bitch about the fact that again the bias media with the headlines of "Bad night for the GOP" or crap about Bush being in trouble and so on... WTF is that?? really, last I checked Bush is still in power and he won't be running again so the so called "victory" that the media/Dems had last night well, I say let them have thier wittle fun.

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